Susan Wynne Lunning
A blossoming talent


My name is Susan Wynne Lunning and I am an actress who thoroughly enjoys her work. My friends call me a natural. I play leading roles in feature films and also work in commercials and extended (unique) marketing projects. I love them all, and my enthusiasm brings extra energy and total commitment to every project. I love acting and being an actress.

The following quote is from my acting coach, Kimberly Busbee.

"Susan Wynne Lunning is a brave person and a brave actor. She makes strong commitments and draws upon her life experience, intelligence, imagination, and resilience to fuel her choices with each new opportunity in acting. Susan is not just another pretty face; she is inquisitive and driven and she constantly strives to learn new techniques, to grow her skills and to develop her craft. Her naturally sweet nature, her enthusiasm, her sense of humor and her genuine support of fellow actors make Susan a real delight to be around and an asset on the set. As her acting coach, I am proud of how far  she has come in such  a short time in the pursuit of making her dream a reality."

Kimberly Busbee
Acting Coach, Casting Director, Producer

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Please note that I was much heavier years ago when I began my acting career.  You might wonder if that's really me in some of the photos from my first feature films.  It is!  I have lost a lot of weight naturally in my current healthy lifestyle.  I am committed to acting and to enjoying a healthy, happy life.